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Creating Tomorrow's Engineers Today!

Teachers & Staff
Sandy Dubick
Sandy Dubick is the cofounder and owner of Young Engineers Of Today and oversees the day-to-day operations. As a former educator, she recognizes the importance of STEM education. She has a particular passion for encouraging girls to pursue careers in engineering and programming.

“Today, we have a shortage of women in these fields. We would like to expose girls early on, to as many engineering and programming avenues, giving them an edge to the technology that surrounds them.” says Sandy.

Tom Dubick

Talented Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, educator with over 29 years of experience as a teacher and an Engineering education advocate, who has promoted STEM education in and outside of the K-12 classroom.

Career Highlights:

• Nearly 30 years of experience teaching middle and high school age students engineering

• Experienced teaching in the traditional school, home school and after school environments

• Created, developed, and implemented innovative curricula used in the classroom and across the country including Fly To Learn, Raspberry CoPilot and Young Engineers Of Today

• Speaker at numerous education conferences, including Ted Ex Charlotte ED, NSTA, NAIS and NCAIS

• Recipient of several teaching awards including Finalist for the Super Connector Award, Time Warner Cable

• Director Fab Lab Charlotte Latin

Thomas Detoy

Thomas Detoy is a Summer camp instructor as well as a Spring/Fall online instructor. Thomas has been with Young Engineers of Today for several years now, teaching a wide range of subjects from aerodynamics and medieval engineering to GitHub and microcontroller coding. Thomas is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In his spare time he enjoys coding in various forms, in a range of languages including Java, C, CSS, Python and even various flavors of Assembly language

David Taylor
David has taught and coached robotics and science at McClintock School for more than five years. David’s robotics teams have won state level competition on several occasions. He consults for Charlotte’s science museum Discovery Place and the Police Activities League. He is also a member of the UNC-C Center for STEM Education Advisory Board.

Tommy Rose
Tommy Rose has over 20 years of experience teaching elementary, middle, and high school students. He has lead and taught summer science & engineering camps for several organization including Young Engineers of Today. He has extensive professional experience in the STEM fields of environmental science, geology, applied chemistry, and hazardous waste remediation.

He desires to help students develop into life-long learners and discovers of science, technology, and math.

Jenneane Perih

Jenneane Perih is a summer camp instructor for YEOT and middle school math teacher during the year at Community House Middle School. She has taught several camps ranging from architecture to electronics, and one of her favorites, Ice Cream engineering. Jenneane has an MA in Teaching from UNCC and enjoys watching campers explore, learn and create with the YEOT team each summer.