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Connecting the STEM Dots: Microcontrollers for Educators

FabLab Charlotte Latin School (Charlotte Latin School)  in partnership with SparkFun Electronics is pleased to announce our Microcontrollers for Educators class.

This class is designed to give teachers and educators (Middle School - Higher Ed) a foundation in electronics, programming, computer science, and “Making” for their classroom. In this class, we will introduce the basics of circuits, electricity, engineering and computing using Arduino. The course will focus on both the technical aspects as well as the pedagogy, activities, pacing, and strategies for implementing a project-based STEM classroom.

Some of the tools we will use are the Processing programming language, the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino, the LilyPad e-textiles line and the SparkFun RedBot robotics platform.

Note: Please install the Arduino 1.6.7 (or whatever version is the latest) software on your computer before class. Click here for instructions on installing the Arduino software.

In addition, please install Processing and Fritzing as well. We will go in more depth of how we use these free and open-source tools in the class.

Professional Development Credit This class is good for 3.0 professional development semester credit hours. 

Prerequisites: This class is intended for instructors and educators who want to learn how to implement physical computing, programming and electronics into their classroom. There are no prerequisites for this class, however, the class requires that participants have the physical dexterity to insert wires into a breadboard (the physical equivalent of inserting shoelaces into the holes of sneakers).

What to bring: Please bring a laptop and ideas about what a STEM classroom looks like for you. We will explore these ideas throughout the week. If you do not have a laptop, SparkFun laptops will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Date: 07/24/17 - 07/28/17

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm (with a break for lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm)

Cost: $750 (including $300 worth of materials for teacher classroom)

Reserve your spot directly by signing up on our website: Click Here

Connecting the STEM Dots : Microcontrollers for Educators

Location: Charlotte Latin School - 9502 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277

Instructors: Tom Dubick and TBA


We will NOT accept walk-ins for this class unless you are registered. Thank you for understanding.