Our goal is to educate students through the use of both engineering and scientific methods in hands-on, minds-on projects taught by experienced educators who are leaders in STEM education.


Welcome to the real world of 21st century skills and discover how Young Engineers of Today can help students of all abilities engage in STEM, using the latest technologies.  Students are challenged with hands-on, minds-on projects, and learn real world skills in an academic context.  Our students become technology creators, not just technology consumers.

Topics Covered: (Note these are topics covered throughout the year.)
3D Printing
Aircraft Design
Computer Aided Design
Game Programming
Internet Of Everything
Material engineering
Physical Computing
Synthetic Biology
Web Page creation and hosting .


The Program

This class will be a hybrid program, meeting for a total of 48 hours over the course of four months. Students will convene twice a week online, where a teacher will conduct a live, interactive lesson where the students are able to participate and ask questions. Students can also review these lessons at anytime.

Outside of class, students will work on engineering projects during the week. Students even have access to their instructor outside of the lessons, with the ability to contact them via email or call with questions.

Furthermore, the students will meet at a nearby school campus every other week for two hours to do additional, cooperative construction and lab work.

Why Chose Young Engineers Of Today For Summer Camps?

Young Engineers is designed and run by recognized STEM educators with over twenty years of experience teaching engineering and programming. Our innovative camps and classes are the result of our own passion for learning and improving how we teach for the future. We want our kids to become technology creators, not just consumers. We take the newest electronics and software and use them to create an immerse educational experience — no straws or toothpicks here! We use 3D Printers, EV3 LEGO Robotics, Raspberry Pi Microcomputers, and cyborg cockroaches. Our hands-on camps are more than theoretical or computer based – your child will be experimenting and creating with their hands and will have something they made to bring home by the end of the week.




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